Company Culture

Our company creates a clear dynamic of professionalism based upon teamwork and efficiency. We prioritize communication and the ability to offer solutions to both our clients, as well as our team members. As a company, SoundFlower Cleaning Corp. offers a multitude of services, which means our team has an expansive grasp and understanding of all cleaning and maintenance needs. We encourage the opportunity for our team members to learn from one another, and in turn, help build the company as a whole. 

Why Work for SoundFlower Cleaning Corp.?

SoundFlower Cleaning Corp. is a team of hardworking professionals with the aim to generate solutions for each and every client’s need. In order to do so, our company teams up with insured and licensed subcontractors who can offer services that go beyond our cleaning and maintenance assistance. We as a company, act as the middleman between you and our clients, ensuring accessibility, clear communication and a foundation for a strong relationship to be built.

Are You a Subcontractor Looking for Work? Let's Talk.

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